Saturday, October 9, 2010

There's a reason we pray BEFORE we eat

My youngest (will be 2 in November) said he wanted to say the blessing at dinner the other night. Now, he doesn't know how to speak sentences yet, never mind know how to put 2 words together, so his older brother said he would help him. Here's the dialog...

Kadyn: "Dear God. Thank you for this food. Thank you for Mommy being an AMAZING cook. Thank you for Mommy, and Daddy, and Kai, and Boulder (our dog). And thank you God for making Boulder feel better (see post here about the $2500 bouncy ball he swallowed). Amen."

Not even 2 bites in to his dinner Kadyn turns and says to me "I don't like chicken nuggets (whiny sing songy voice)."

So much for being an amazing cook (like chicken nuggets would even qualify anyway). Maybe that's the real reason we pray before we eat as opposed to after. His prayer might have gone something like this...

"Dear God. Thank you for yogurt (I let them have a greek yogurt if they don't want dinner...softy? I know). Please help Mommy get better at cooking. Thank you for Boulder feeling better so he can eat whatever I pass him under the table. Amen."


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