Monday, October 11, 2010

Expecting (or wanting) another baby? This one's for you!

Nursing is one of the best decisions I made. No, this is not a post trying to talk you in to nursing...your decision is your decision. In fact, I didn't always love nursing. Initially it was a struggle for me with our first son. It took several weeks for me to actually enjoy it. Blame it on a bad latch, inexperience, or postpartum depression, the fact of the matter was, it hurt. Every day my mantra was "just one more day. You can do it just one more day." My nipples were cracked, bleeding, and so painful. I would wince in pain every time I thought of nursing and hold my breath for the first 10 seconds he would latch on. I used every cream and every pad available. My son would nurse every 2 hours for an hour. Yes, one hour. Finally, several weeks later, the pain went away. Once it went away it became my most favorite times of the day; a time that only I got to hold the baby. A time where he and I could make a connection that no one else would have.In fact, one of my most favorite memories is when he pulled off just to look up at me and smile.

When I was pregnant with our second son I was concerned that I wouldn't have a chance to make that same connection with the  new baby because I would have my attention divided. I had visions of my older son getting jealous that I was spending so much time with the new baby. And how was I possibly going to keep my boob on one and my eye on the other? Enter The Nursing Box.
Sorry for the crappy picture.
The Nursing Box (or whatever you decide to call yours) is something my mother in law used with her kids and I thought it sounded fantastic. It's a large box, or Rubbermaid, that you fill with all kinds of toys, games, books, movies, etc; anything that your older child/children will find entertaining while you nurse or feed your baby. This means you have entertainment at your feet for your older child(ren) and you can get quality time with your new baby.

I would suggest setting up a blanket on the floor by where you'll be nursing and establishing the following Nursing Box rules:

1. Have your child stay on the blanket (or designated area of your choosing) while the Nursing Box is out.
2. Only let your child play in the Nursing Box while Mommy is nursing (or bottling baby if you chose not to nurse). As soon as you're done, the box, and all the items inside, goes away until next time. There may be a few tears the first few times items are put away, but they will figure it out eventually. My older son actually looked forward to "nursing time. "

My friends put one together for me for my baby shower...what a neat gift to give a mommy having a subsequent pregnancy!

Budget Savvy Mommies--A great place to go to fill your box is the dollar store. Or, hit up some garage sales pre-baby (because let's be honest, once you  have your first, you no longer care about having all things new...used is just fine). Black Friday is another great day to score some deals on movies, games and toys!

Readers--How do you entertain older children while nursing/feeding a new baby?


  1. This is a wonderful idea! I wish I would have read this post before having Finn--Isaac would sure appreciate nursing time more for sure. I have a 3 year old and a now 1 month old. Normally Isaac (3) will either play with his toys, sit next to me as we read a story or I'll put in a "Reading Rainbow" from the library for him to watch as Phinneas goes to town munching down.

    I am going to pass this idea along!

  2. Just found your blog, and LOVE it!

    (You had left a comment on my daughter, Cassie's, blog ... and I think you are personal friends.)

    Anyway ... I've been reading and reading. Lots of GREAT topics here!

    Just had to comment on this one, because it brought a smile to my face with so MANY memories.

    CRAZIEST nursing EVER ... nursing TWINS, when the "big kids" were just 2, 3, and 4. Yep. 5 babies in 4 years, and I was nursing the twins and trying to keep the other 3 corralled. Crazy!

    If you ever want an "older mama's" perspective, just let me know. I have a very unique perspective because, while my 6 oldest are all in their 20's ... I have 6 youngers that are 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17. So, I am still fully entrenched in mommyhood, but with 26 years experience.


    aka: Mama D.
    mama of a dozen