Friday, October 1, 2010

Love it! Strider Bikes

I've had some pretty heavy posts the past few days. Thought I would take a breather and showcase something that has become the #1 and #2 source of contention between my 2 boys...

Have you ever heard of Strider Bikes? Strider Bikes are bikes without peddles that are meant to teach kids to balance. They use their feet to propel themselves forward and as the wheels take over, the balancing begins.

We got our oldest one of these bikes for Christmas right after he turned 2. Even though it sat unused for about a year, we are so glad we bought one. He's a balancing pro now (he will be 4 in a few months) and is looking ready to skip training wheels and go straight for a 2-wheeler (which he will be getting for his 4th birthday). Just in time because his little brother is dying to have his turn on this bike. We usually begin and end the day fighting over who gets to ride the bike first (though my youngest just sits on it at this point, which of course infuriates the oldest..."but MooOOOm, he doesn't even know how to ride it.").

I think the great thing about Strider Bikes is they are close to the ground so kids can learn to balance and fall without too much pain. The seat is adjustable so it can be used for several years. The tires are sturdy and heavy duty so the bike can be taken off road. They are super light just in case your child gets tired ;) Strider Bikes come in a lot of different colors so don't be afraid to get one for a girl too! One scary thing though is that there aren't any brakes other than your child's feet. They quickly learn how to use their feet to stop but if it's down a hill it can make it hard.

***UPDATE***I just got a comment that there is also a bigger version of the Strider Bike. It's the PV Glider
Check out the comments section for more info on this. Thanks Cristina!!

You may have noticed in the beginning I said #1 AND #2 source of contention. The other source? The helmet. My youngest LOVES hats and something that not only belongs to his brother but that his brother also loves to wear is a hot topic around here. Welcome. To. Meltdown. But, oh so worth it.

A boy, his dog (albeit, an expensive one), and his bike...does like get much better than that?

Transparent Readers: Any outdoor stuff your kids love? What outdoor activities are you most looking forward to about fall? 


  1. Just as an FYI Hannah was traumatized on her bike as a toddler when an adult (yes an adult whom she loves and used to trust!) forced her to stay on her bike (with training wheels) down a large hill in our subdivision. Needless to say she fell multiple times, big falls, and refused to even sit on a bike seat for over a year. My heart was broken when she got home and I found out what had happened.
    We had originally wanted to go for a stride bike but went for the training wheels since they were so cheap! Big mistake. Anyways.... point is, now that Hannah is turning 5 in November and has an almost 21inch inseem the strider seemed a little small. So for those who are late on this phenominal finding or are deciding to remake the decision, I found a solution for our taller children! You can find it at and it is the "Go glider" version. Marketed at kiddos ages 6-9 or those younger who are super tall like my daughter! So excited!

  2. Jon has been drooling over Strider Bikes for the last six months! Then we found a YouTube video of a five year boy doing some very amazing stunts on a Strider Bike. Baby Girl Z kicked like a mad woman the whole time the video was on (apparently she can see the outside world through my belly button)! We've reached a compromise that Jon won't buy the bike until she can at least sit up on her own ... I have a feeling we will have it a while longer than needed, but it will be well loved!

  3. Hey there, just saw your commend on getrealmama, thank you for following. I have spent some time on your blog and really enjoy it. I can relate to a lot of your posts, I two have two boys, and I really wanted a girl, and I also had some post partum depression with my second, and I am not afraid to talk about it. I think it is great that you posted about it-people need to know that they are not alone!