Sunday, October 3, 2010

A follow up to Sticker Charts

It's WORKING! I had posted that we were trying sticker charts to get our oldest more comfortable talking to friends in preschool and answering questions when asked by adults. Well, I am proud to report, it's worked. Actually, I asked his preschool teacher to help me out with it and she continued the sticker chart at preschool. She gave him a sticker every time he joined in the songs, answered one of her questions, etc. His chart had 10 stickers on it the first day, 15 the second day and over 20 the next. The following Monday his teacher asked if he wanted to do another sticker chart again and he said "No, I can do it." YAHOO! Though still shy, he's made a huge improvement. And shy is okay! This was one of his rewards for getting his sticker chart filled up. SUP boarding in October? Yes, it was 85 here yesterday (unseasonably warm for the Pacific NW).

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  1. THAT is fantastic! :) Shy is good, but I am glad he was participating at school :) SO fabulous!