Monday, October 4, 2010


Dear Murphy,

I wanted to let you know that if you've been trying to get my attention the last 2 months, you have it. Therefore, you can stop any time. In case you didn't know, I heard you after our refrigerator broke. You made it loud and clear after you broke my husband's car and made our babies sick. You didn't have to yell when you opened our dog's mouth to have him swallow such an expensive bouncy ball. And now with our hot water heater, I'm covering my ears because your screams are deafening. I'm here to tell you that you may have knocked us down, but gosh darn it, you will not knock us out.

Plain and simple, your law sucks. I'm done with you. You hear that Murphy? Yea, that was my foot SQUASHING your law! Better watch yourself Murphy, or I'll have to turn you over to the wrath of my 1 year old...have you ever seen that kid eat? He'll eat your laws for lunch.

And you know what Murphy? I am going to look at tonight as a blessing, not something going terribly wrong. Yes...instead of YOU knocking on our door, again, I am going to consider it an ANGEL. Because what if we hadn't been here when the hot water heater was burning? Or, worse yet, what if we had been...sleeping...with our kids in the house?! Yea, pretty sure that was an angel.

Don't mess with me,


Readers: Sometimes bad things happen, but if the timing of said bad things were different, it could have been so, so much worse. I think of how we found out my son was allergic to nuts, more specifically, cashews. Yes, it was the day we brought our youngest home from the hospital so it wasn't great timing, but cashews are one of the main ingredients in trail of the staple foods for hikes and camping...the middle. of. nowheres. It could have been death. As parents we can and probably will play the 'what if' game until our kids are grown and gone. Maybe even longer. But it's important to try to see the angel in every situation. Where's your angel today?


  1. A) I love your sense of humor!

    B) Can anything more go wrong?! Hope things start looking up!

    C) You have an awesome attitutde!

    D) You are so right! The timing could have been a lot worse! Thank God for... God :)

  2. Great attitude Greta! So sorry that all these crummy things keep just means that something wonderful will happen next...right? :)
    hang in there!