Monday, November 1, 2010

My Favorite Holiday

Now that it's November I am allowed to get excited about my favorite holiday. One might think I'm talking about Thanksgiving. And another could assume it's Christmas. However, both are incorrect assumptions. My all time, hands down, favorite holiday is Black Friday. (Okay, it really comes 3rd to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I look forward to it in the same way.)

Yes, I am one of those insane people that gets up before the crack of dawn and goes bargain hunting. My favorite years are when I don't really need anything and I can grab a cup of coffee (and doughnut holes from Fred Meyer) and watch the insanity.

I love the ritual of sitting down with a piece of pie (yes, this is usually my 2nd piece of pie...long after the family dessert time is over) on Thanksgiving and pouring through the ads. I jot down everything: who has the best prices, what time they open, etc. and plan my day. I've already thought of the gifts I would like to get people on my list and yet keep an open mind if I see something else for a better deal :)

I try to hit up anywhere that's offering a "freebee" but not if it requires getting up earlier than 4:30am.

I compiled a few Black Friday Tips for you...

1. Try to find an out of the way door and cash register. (I would suggest looking for these a few days before Black Friday)
2. Go with a friend. It makes it so much more fun when you're waiting in lines before stores open. If you don't go with friends, strike up convos with those around you. Friends are also great for waiting in lines inside of the stores. E.g. I went with my mother in law last year and we took turns waiting in line at Target while the other would grab whatever items were on the list. We would then switch. Plan a brunch when you're all done!
3. Go with a plan. Get in, get your item(s). Get out. Get on to your next place.
4. If you don't need an item that is too large to carry, ditch the cart! They are cumbersome and can keep you from getting to whatever it is you need quickly. I like to bring reusable shopping bags to hold my items. That way I can get around easily and still hold lots of things.
5. HAVE FUN!!!

Readers: Are you a Black Friday shopper? What's on your wish list that you're hoping to find a deal for? Have you dealt with insanity of Black Friday's past? Are there any stores you refuse to go to?


  1. Ha! Love it! You are so brave! Black Friday is one thing I have not done yet...something I need to build up the courage to do. LOL : )

  2. i love online shopping on black fridays :)

  3. I LOVE black fridays and have always been that crazy lady that goes each year. I would also add to your list to skip the shopping cart. One year I went to target...everyone grabbed their carts to load them up and then...Traffic Jam!!! meanwhile, I was like the awful motorcycle on the highway that just skips the crowds in the side lane. Totally worth it.

  4. I did the Black Friday thing 1 time (before kids) and had an absolute blast! I got some great deals AND got to watch crazy people rushing around for the last pair of socks (or the likes of). It was great!

    I may attempt it again, depending on what I see in the sale ads. Thanks for the great tips!

  5. Haha this is hilarious. I'm never been out on black Friday! I'm terrified of the crowds. Maybe with your tips I'll give it a try. ;)

  6. i don't think i have ever gone shopping on black friday! not once. i'm excited to hear about what you find this year though!

  7. I have NEVER shopped on Black Friday. I didn't even know it was called that until just a couple of years ago.

    For the past 21 years, our family has spent Thanksgiving at a Christian Camp in the forests of OR. We really don't have any idea what the rest of the world is doing that week.

    I try to get my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, so that I can just ENJOY the following month.

    Hope you have fun shopping!!!

    :) :) :)