Thursday, November 11, 2010

1 week post delivery necessities

I just got gidding sitting here thinking of my good friend that is being induced TODAY! What an amazing and exciting time they are about to embark on. I previously did a post on what to pack in your hospital bag, but it got me to thinking about the things you'll want to have on hand for the first week or so after the birth. Hopefully you'll have tons of family and friends around to run out and grab a last minute item, but regardless, it's nice to know you have these things already...

1. Diapers. In the first few weeks of life baby will go through about 10 diapers a day. Plan accordingly.
2. Wipes. See above.
3. Pads. You will have the mother of all periods...and you can't even use tampons.
4. Mylicon or Gripe Water.
5. Breast pads, soothing cream.
6. Nursing bras or tanks.
7. Pads.
8. Bulb aspirator. Our hospital provided one of these so you may want to check with them first before buying one.
9. Nail clippers (baby size!) or nail files.
10. Pads. Have I mentioned those yet?
11. Somewhere for baby to sleep. I say somewhere because it's going to look different for everyone: crib, bassinet, pack n play, Amby bed, co-sleeping, etc.
12. Cozy blankets and clothes for both you and baby. It's nice to have these pre-washed and ready to go too.
13. FOOD. I couldn't eat enough when I was nursing. I was FAMISHED. If you have friends that are offering to cook...LET THEM! Stock up your freezer beforehand. Stockpile your fridge. Stockpile your pantry. I. could. not. eat. enough.

These are only the essentials; there will be lots of other things you'll enjoy having on hand :)

Readers: What did you find necessary within your first week post delivery? What was something you thought you just had to have that you never used?


  1. Yes, PADS!!! I didn't think I'd need those after having an emergency c-section, but hello!? Get the thickest, biggest overnights to go with disposable undies or granny panties. LOL. I asked my hospital for several of their disposable undies and it helped a lot!

  2. I found sleep necessary.

    But yes, those breast pads helped a lot.

  3. My MIL just sent me this blog that is also true. The willingness to ask for help is a must on the things you need for the first week after baby is born!

  4. Prune juice! I never needed help with *cough* #2 with my first baby, but for those first couple of weeks I needed help with *cough* #2 :)

    Oh, and lots and lots of pads!!! hahaha, so very true!

  5. Not just food. Be sure to have snack food. It doesn't have to be junk (but it certainly can be, it's only for the first week, right?). I took no fewer than 4 granola bars, M&M's, and some fruit, up to bed with me at night, as well as my giant jug of water---you need that, too, a big, insulated container to hold the gallons of water you'll be dying to drink (especially if nursing). I ate constantly and, I found it helped me to perk up a bit if I had a snack while nursing when I needed to stay awake long enough not to drop the baby.