Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just one of those things a parent does...

For those with weak stomachs, don't continue reading. 

Though I'm sure it can be said a girl could do this too, I don't know of any...

*I posted this awhile back on our personal family blog but had a few updates to add*

If there is poop in our yard, inevitably our youngest will find it. He will step in it. He will feel the texture between his fingers. And then, and only then, will he stop, point, and call for one of us to come scoop it up. 

Not only that, but there have been several mornings he's greeted us with wide open hands full of poop when we got him out of his crib. Poop on his jammies, poop on his sheets, poop on his special blankies. Yup. case that wasn't enough...he took off his diaper at his Grammy's house and pooped on the hot tub cover. He's taken off his diaper and peed on the bouldering pad in the garage. He's taken off his diaper and pooped by the time out chair (shhh...don't tell his daddy!) Uh Huh. 

Oh yea, this is also the same kid that has pooped in the tub. Not once. Not twice. Nope. But a total of 5 times. Yea.

AND the other day while I was on the phone he wanted until I cleaned up his already poopy diaper and left him alone for 30 seconds while I grabbed another diaper. Yup, he waited for that moment to poop AGAIN. On his floor. No, not just the floor, but the brand new carpet. The best part? Besides it being medication poop (parent's out there, you know what kind I'm talking about) I was still on the phone, managed to get it cleaned up and chased him in to the tub without letting on to the person I was speaking with on the phone that anything was out of the ordinary. Why? Because let's face it. Around here, that is ordinary :) 

Oh boys. And yes, despite my sarcasm, a little poop can't scare this mama away :) He's going to kill me when he gets older and reads that I posted this...

What kinds of crazy stories do you have to tell? I know I'm not the only one so fess up!!


  1. Elise went through a phase where she would take off her poopy diaper in her bedroom, grab the poop into her hands, and smear it on her windows and the walls.

  2. Oh my goodness. I will hope Aberly never becomes interested in her poop like this! We've definitely had some poop-everywhere blowouts, but luckily, she's never gotten into it!

    I will say, though, as a mom, you become very accustomed to examining and looking at your own child's poop, especially when they have been sick, or are trying new foods, to make sure everything looks "okay".

  3. Um, this is hilarious! I know we're not far off from these days... and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't scare me a little. Yikes! I know I can handle it though - rally mama, rally! :)

    And thanks so much for your kind words on the Memos the other day. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I've been really surprised and humbled by people's responses in the comments and emails I've received. I really needed that. I absolutely love writing the Memos, but had been challenged on my reasons and motivations by someone close to me and it really spun me out. I needed to see that it was also contributing to others lives and not just my own. Though I suspected that, and didn't *feel* I was being selfish, I just needed some reassurance from readers if you know what I mean. Thanks for responding. Like I said, your encouragement really means a lot to me.

    And, have I ever told you how much you and Chelsea look alike? It almost freaks me out. :) How are you related again? And you live in Bend, right? We're headed there in December and I CAN'T WAIT.......!