Friday, September 10, 2010

A Guest Post- reply to Dear Life

Dear Mommy,

Nice of you to write.  I don't get many letters.

I hear God gets all the prayers, and thankfully, most all the curses when things don't go just the way humans want or when they don't get the things they "need."  I don't know why your species has such a difficult time figuring their wants from their needs.  From my vantage point, it is curious why God inserted that flaw - and I don't think this is was put in to prove (S)He has a sense of humor.  I'm pretty sure that was the avocado pit.  Or maybe the Pug dog.

Now as for your special speed of life request.  I've been trying for a few million centuries, though it only seems like a few light years some times, to get your colleges and universities to offer courses in how I work.  I'm now thinking it needs to be a very high level of scholarship, perhaps a PHz. 

But aren't you the same girl who for a number of years wished I would intervene and hurry up life so you could become a young lady? 

There is a beginning - a wondrous, joyful event, followed by those difficult few weeks that help to slow the population growth, for wouldn't everyone want to just keep churning out bundles of joy every nine months if it was always easy?  Gracious, where would all the people live? 
When one is young, one has to create millions of cells to be able to develop mind and body.  Every day the brain creates more and more, what I'll refer to as "hard drive" space, so your-kind can keep a journal of all the things they do, they like, things that can hurt them, things that bring them extra joy.  When one is young, there are so many things to write down as everything is brand new. (That smiling face likes to be called anything close to "Ma," "Mo" tends to get me more of what I want, and mastering the various ways to get where I want to go.)  With the young brain still developing, it does take time to write all of these things down, learn where to write them (long-term memory or short-term RAM), and how to retrieve them. 

Time can't travel fast enough for Tweens.  And what's the rush?    

People in the prime of their physical and mental abilities so often seem in such a rush to acquire things that the good old days they are experiencing, flash right by.

The older one gets, the ability to write memories to the brain slows, there is less room to store the memories, and your retrieval systems consumes more energy.  Time goes by at the same rate, it just seems faster.  I've heard it many times before, the older person still feels like they're 25, they just can't quite do the things they used to. It is one of my Laws, that everyone ages.  Rich or poor, fat or thin, optimist or pessimist, God-fearing or atheist.  My rules are the same.  I have noticed that those who are (or train themselves to be) optimists tend to enjoy the journey better.

You, my dear child, are blessed more than most.  And, chief among your blessings is the ability to take a step back and appreciate the many gifts around you.  Some call it smelling the roses, and I wholly support and encourage this practice.  Now don't get me wrong, there will be great sadness as you experience all my Laws, losing loved ones being the greatest.  But, feeling those losses can make the next joys all the sweeter, the hugs with those remaining a little longer and more meaningful - if you continue to count your blessings. 

But, my first Law is that Life moves at a constant rate.  Taking time to reflect on your joys and blessings will help slow your perception a little.  Do so frequently. Reflect on your joys - those others give to you, and especially those you give to others - for like most people, you likely way under-estimate the joys you give. 

Hey, I've got to fly on out of here -  as you see, I don't slow for anyone.

You are a remarkable women, Mommy.  Keep up the excellent work.  

You are one of my loves,



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