Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear (fill in the blank)

Dear Life,

Please slow down. I am afraid you're passing much too quickly. I opened a box of clothes to find the next size up of hand-him-downs to give to Kai and got tears in my eyes.  Is it really possible that almost (well, 2 months away) 2 years ago Kadyn was wearing these clothes? Is it really possible that he wore those the day we brought Kai home from the hospital? Have you REALLY passed 2 years since then? (sigh).

 Don't get me wrong, some days I like that you pass quickly. The days that I've had a long/hard day at work, get home to a dirty house (you mean they don't clean themselves?!), and the kids spend the whole evening fighting, or screaming...yeah, those days can pass quickly. But the years? You could slow those down a bit. Sometimes I come home and feel like they've grown up while I've been gone...and I've only been gone for the day. Really? Is that necessary? Life, you've been good to me. Very good to me. I have a wonderful, loving husband. I have 2 beautiful boys. I am able to provide for our family so my husband can go back to school and stay home with the kids. I have loving family and friends. And for all this, I am grateful. Truly, I am beyond blessed. But, I would greatly appreciate if you would consider slowing down a bit.

Ever grateful for your consideration,


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  1. Beautiful and touching. I had a similar moment while sitting in a restaurant with my family last month. Funny how hard that emotion hits you, isn't it? Glad I found you on Mumsyhood and hope you'll stop by my blog. The post I wrote on this subject is titled, 'Bye, Bye Babies'. Can't wait to explore your site.