Monday, September 6, 2010

A glimpse

Today I dropped him off at Summer Camp and watched him settle in.
He blew me a kiss as I peeked back in the window from the hall.
As we always do, I blew him one back and we both reached to the sky to catch our kisses and plant them firmly on our cheeks. 
He's growing up so quickly.

Today he clearly said "eat". He's learning so many new words.
He buried his head against my neck and gave me his famous smile. 
He played for hours with me on the floor of their shared bedroom.
He's growing up so quickly.

Today's "Mommy I love yous" will quickly become tomorrow's "Mom I need these..."
Today's cuddle times will be tomorrow's carpool shuttles.
Today's back scratches will be tomorrow's did you wash behind your ears.
Today's little boys will be tomorrow's grown men.

So I'll pause in this moment today and relish just one more kiss to store for one of those tomorrow days. 
Today I'll take a second longer to sing one more song.
I have a minute to spare to play one more game.
Because tomorrow will come quickly, and they may not want just one more kiss.

I love you sweet boys...Today, Tomorrow, Forever.


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