Monday, January 17, 2011

Raising Boys; couldn't we play house instead?

Lately I've been lamenting that I rarely get to do girly things. We have so much testosterone in this house that one can barely sit still long enough to read a story let alone even consider something like a tea party. And the doll my son asked Santa for  either sits naked in the toy basket, or it gets slung under his arm as he chases his older brother on his bike; not exactly the cuddling I was envisioning. But alas, I have boys...

So, when my son said "Mommy, let's build a city out of legos and then we'll use it to play house," you can understand my excitement and enthusiasm.

I was happily building my contribution to the city, a cute little house with a front yard for the "kids" to play, when my son announced he was done with his. His portion of the city was complete with a pirate ship, helicopter landing station, a helicopter, and fortress. You see, he's 4. I'm... well, much older than that. And his contribution took far less time, with far more complex parts than my weeny house, but that's beside the point.

It was happened next that brought be back from my blissful girly state...

"Okay mom (yes, that dreaded word I spoke of here), this is a mean city. And you're the daddy. And I"m the bad guy trying to get you."

Hmm. Not exactly the type of house I was picturing here. Really buddy, I was thinking we could play a nice house. I'll be the mommy, or the baby or something, and you could be whatever you want, and we'll play nicely.

"No mommy (well, half of that was sweet...but we'll have to work on getting rid of the 'no' in front of it). You're the daddy, and I am whoever I want cause I'm the bad guy and I'm gonna get you. Pow, better run!"

Okay, so I walked myself in to that one. (Sigh) Okay, AHHHHH, the bad guy is gonna get me!! It's a good thing I have my forcefield in my front yard I built so you can't break through...

Yes, I still played his version of "house." And, I even had a great time :)

But the best part came during clean up. The part that makes me stop in my tracks and realize just what we're in for. You see, we had turned the room upside down while we were playing so I firmly announced it was time to clean up when we were done. My son said...

"Mommy (yes!), I will let you clean up while I go potty. And, if I take too long (takes after another adult figure in our house) I will even let you finish cleaning up."


Readers: What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Haha boys! I have to admit I was delighted to get a little girl, she already loves girly things. Nate loves playing house though, as long as he's the daddy. He also loves to play vet with stuffed animals which is cute. We gotta take what we can get, right? :)

  2. I love that boy. And his sense of potty vs. clean up fairness.

  3. bwhahahaha!! So crack me up...they are so clever!! I have 4 dudes, I never get to do anything girly. Sometimes I try to "trick" them into playing with my hair or painting my toe nails but it never turns out as planned!!!

  4. That is hilarious! What a little character.