Saturday, November 13, 2010

"You'll be staying the night...remember, we talked about that?"

Wanted to post a surgery update from yesterday.

Tonsil and adenoid removal was set for 8:30 so we got there at 7:00 am for prep. Fortunately, my husband reminded me of a video the hospital gave us to show our son prior to surgery. He watched the video and we walked out the door. The video was great! If anyone ever has a child scheduled for surgery, I highly suggest you ask the hospital if they have a video showing all the steps prior to surgery (waiting room, what a Dr looks like with a mask on, what the gas mask looks like, etc.) The video, unlike his Dr, was very calming. I couldn't go with him when they took him back for surgery, but he went alone like a champ.

When the Dr arrived he said "well, as we talked about, since he isn't quite 4, we'd like to keep him overnight for observation." Um, excuse me? You DID NOT talk to me about that. The price I was quoted for this surgery DID NOT include an overnight hospital stay. You DID NOT prep me or my son for spending the remainder of the day and entire evening in the hospital. If you had, I would have brought some jammies, toiletries, some movies to watch for him, and something to do for me when he was sleeping!

He was taken back for surgery at 8:30, wheeled away in the wagon he saw in the video. That was the hardest moment as a mom...watching him be wheeled away, knowing I wouldn't be there to comfort him. But...he had his special blanket covered in kisses, we'd said our prayers, and he had a special bear his Pops brought for him. He may have been frightened, but put on his brave face.

I didn't breathe until he was out of surgery at 9:30. When the Dr came out and told me he was ok and in recovery I was able to let out the breathe I had been holding; the weight was lifted off my chest. We were told that his HUGE tonsils and HUGE adenoids were successfully removed and that based on the size of them, it was a really good thing we decided to get them out when we did. Our son slept off and on in recovery until about 11:00 at which time we were moved up to said talked about beforehand room. He did GREAT! We were told numerous times, by numerous people, that he was the model patient. Way to go little man!

He vegged in front of the tv in his room all afternoon. One thing I noted was the DVD selection the pediatrics in the hospital had was marginal and since I hadn't realized we'd be staying as long as we did, I hadn't brought any of our own. I plan to change that (anyone that lives by me that would like to donate a few videos to the hospital, let me know!).

Grandparents stopped in bringing balloons and stuffed animals (still snuggled on the couch with him even now as he's sound asleep!), and a good friend stopped in to bring him a sea of gifts to brighten his afternoon--what a blessing! especially since I hadn't brought anything with me. #AWFULPARENTAWARD

Every time he took his medicine he was gagging/dry heaving. :( So awful to watch. He fell asleep close to 9pm and (by this time my hubby brought me back some clothes and things) I snuggled in on the "comfy" couch/bed. He woke again at midnight and was screaming about not wanting his meds again. Finally forced him to take them mixed with chocolate--highly recommend--and ended up falling back to sleep just after one. His machine woke him up beeping at 6:30am. Gotta love that about hospitals.

He's doing okay today. He's pretty good for about 1 hr after taking the medicine. He'll drink a bit and talk. But after that hour, he's sullen, spits instead of swallows, and doesn't speak. We had to stay there until close to 3 today because he isn't drinking enough fluids. We're hoping being home we can change that.

What a blessed family we are!! I am so grateful for all the visitors, the love, the prayers, and the support he has/we have received and so appreciate continued prayers for a speedy recovery. Thank you!

Readers: Have your children had to have surgery before? What did you do to entertain them? I can't imagine being in the hospital with a child for a reason more serious. I have to think that God must have a special place in heaven for mommies and daddies that deal with serious health issues on an on-going basis. 


  1. Sounds like your little guy is on the road to recovery! So glad to hear he was a "model patient", I know you are a proud mom! Will continue to keep him (and you) in my prayers.

  2. Glad to hear that he did well and he is doing ok! :)

  3. Gosh, sounds hard and I cannot believe they did not tell you about staying the night. That is nuts! Hope he heals up quickly.

  4. I am so happy the surgery went well and your son is doing well. I can't believe you were not told about staying the night! That is really tough! I hope he heals quickly! Have a good night!

    Mama Hen

  5. So glad everything went well. Hopefully each day will be easier and easier!