Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You know you're pregnant when...

Hey there pet store owner. 
Oh, that? Yea, that's just a little bit of throw up
Huh? You couldn't understand me?
Well, it's uh, just a little bit of, umm, throw up. (Insert head down in shame and bright red cheeks as everyone in the store turns to look.)
But I'm really sorry, I'll go clean BLAprojectilevomitalloversaidpetstoreownerHHH. Yeah, I'll get that one too. (Insert look of defeat and utter embarrassment--fortunately it was outside.) 

Readers: What are your "You know you're pregnant when..." moments?

Disclaimer...I am not pregnant :) 


  1. Oh this was hilarious!

    I'll have to think of my pregnant moments, but yours was funny! No shame in throw up! Goodness no! ;0)

  2. You know you're pregnant when you get half way to work and realize you are wearing your husbands clogs and not yours.

  3. hehe..Chelsea I'm still chuckling about your comment. :)

  4. ... every time you brush your teeth you gag and continue to dry heave... then move on like nothing happened cause it's normal pregnancy stuff.