Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to tone down the crib accessories

I think I need to plan an intervention for my youngest son.

My son has a crib accessory fetish. No, not the bumper and skirt kind. Rather, he has a fetish for what he puts in his crib. Here was last night's compilation...

~2 mini "special" blankies (these are the go everywhere, give me when I'm crying kind). This had been just one, and one was kept as a back up for those lost blankie in the store moments, but he found that we were holding out on him and now can't part with either one. So, two specials it is.
~1 larger version of the special blankies.
~Another random, green blankie.
~A large blanket that he likes to be covered up with.
~A pillow; boy between the blankets and the pillow it's a good thing we don't have to worry about SIDS anymore.
~A book, tucked just perfectly in the corner, next to the pillow.
~3, yes THREE, bears. One is florescent pink, one is a cute little brown one, and the other is a baby panda. And heaven forbid we should be missing one.
~A baby doll.
~A cup of water.
~And last but certainly not least, 2 for him and one for his baby. Yes, he is almost two. Shh, don't tell his dentist.

See what I mean?

It's a wonder there's any room for him in the crib.

I'm concerned that if I don't intervene now, he will turn in to his father. My husband has a coat for what seems to be every week of the year. And he has a bag (no, not a purse or a murse, but a lots of pockets, hold all my gadgets, bag) to go along with the alternating weeks.

Or maybe it isn't my son's problem at all. Maybe it's mine? Maybe I'm enabling him. Nahhh. We'll go with the former. When in doubt, blame it on dad. ;)

Readers--what's in your child's crib?


  1. Nice ot know my 17MO isn't the only one who takes her ROOM to bed with her. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I actually took those photos of those girls for a friend of mine. I have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son who keep me very busy!

    My son likes to have lots of stuff in his crib too! Every night he requests a certain car or truck and then they have to all stay in there each night until he eventually throws them all out on a random day where he decides not to nap! We are just waiting for that day when he climbs out, but not yet! I'll keep him in there as long as I can! :-)

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog! :-)

  3. At 22 months, Georgia has her Duckie (her blankey with the duck head) and then 2 blankets, because one is not nearly as fun! We're going to be adding a pillow next month, in preparation for her to move to her big-girl bed.

  4. Too funny! Sounds like my son--he has about a bajillion stuffed animals in there right now--shoved in the corner next to his pillow. Then he has to add assorted toys--like trucks or those stupid happy meal toys (yes I bring my child to mcdonalds on occasion-LOL) OH and don't forget the blankie. And one more confession--he still sleeps with a nook too....that is a battle I don't want to fight yet! :)

  5. i went to tuck Ella in the other night... I dont know where she fit with all the stuff in there... Seriously it was RIDICULOUS! so funny!!!

  6. I think it's just a kid thing to accumulate as much as possible. He must be cute cuddled in there with all those buddies!

  7. Oh my goodness, you basically just nailed my 3 year old! He has his red blankie, his crabby blankie, Raff the Giraffe, Craig the Diabetic Burn Victim Elephant, Zaboo the Elephant, Monk the Monkey, Moose Moose, and last but not least, Biz the Puppy. OY!

    But it is pretty darn cute :D

  8. He just likes his crib to be comfy cozy!! My oldest son has a zillion stuffed animals in his bed...I'll go check on him and he'll be hanging off the bed but all his animals have plenty of room under the blanket!!

    Thanks for the follow! I'm following you now too!

  9. not that i'm any sort of expert, but is there anything wrong with all his things in there with him? i think it's cute. it'll be especially cute when he's in college sleeping with 5 special blankies, stuffed bears, & binkies then too.

    oh, & ps: i read your previous post about doing p90x. i too am trying to get back in shape for a trip to hawaii in january. can't wait to hear more about how it goes for you :)

  10. That's so funny! And I haven't heard the word MURSE used in a looong time. Hahaha.

  11. In my kids' beds right now are lots of pillows (regular and bolster) and 1 blanket. They sleep on regular beds now and each has at least two pillows and two bolster pillows. But that's pretty much it. :)

  12. Hello Greta, thank you for popping by my blog and for the lovely comment you left.
    My nearly 9 year old daughter takes two babies, three blankets, several cuddly's, several books and she cuddles an extra pillow in her bed.
    So it doesn't get better the more room they have the more they take to bed with them.
    Joanne x

  13. I'm so glad to hear that most of you also have crib accessory children :)

    @AmyLee...I think it's cute too ;) This was my attempt at being sarcastic. Guess I need to stick with my Transparent Moments...hehe.

  14. Whew! Glad my 2 year old isn't alone! She has constants that are always in there with her (special blanket, pillow, baby) but depending on her mood, she'll insist on other things, such as, the flavor this week, is a pink halloween candy bucket.

    Thanks for the sweet comment and stopping by my place! I tried replying via email, but it popped up . :(