Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sometimes God speaks in the disguise of a 3 year old

The other day I was collecting leaves with my oldest son as a family project for his preschool. The assignment was for each student to collect some beautiful fall leaves to bring to class so the class could put something special together.

I was looking around for leaves with vibrant colors. I would hold one up and remark on how beautiful it full of color. Kadyn would shake his head and say "Nah." Yet he was putting leaf after leaf in the bag. I peered in the bag and to my dismay he had wilted, brown leaves. I asked him what he was doing and he responded..."finding the beautiful ones." But honey, those have all those brown spots on them. "That's okay Mommy. They are still beautiful because God made them. See, that one has a speck of yellow on it. And that one is mostly red..."

His chatter went on, but my mind drifted off.

At what point in my life did I become so consumed that I stopped seeing that?

Oh sweet child of mine I hope you always see life like that. Whether leaf, friend, girl, wife...I pray you always find the beauty in everyone, everything. You're right. We are each perfectly, uniquely made...beautiful in the eye of our Creator. Thank you for reminding me...

Readers: Have you ever been taught a lesson or been reminded of something by someone you least expected? I often find children to unintentionally be the source of many of these reminders.

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  1. Oh Dear Kadyn, I love you to death!! You are a sweet and special boy!

    Thanks for sharing Greta, soo precious!

    love you!
    Auntie TT

  2. Amen! My 4 year old made a similar reminder to me. I think God blesses us with them so we can see with new eyes sometimes. And I don't know about you, but it's in those moments that I become so proud and so incredibly thankful that God is helping my husband and I raise these little ones. Thank you for sharing this!