Saturday, September 18, 2010

Building a Family--part 1

I started typing today's post and realized how much I have to write about Building a Family. I've decided to turn it in to a mini-series. It won't be a back-to back series but rather, something to break up other posts. 

Family is such a crucial part of a child's development. Whether it's a 2 parent household, a single parent household, 2 households combined in 1 roof, a parent and a grandparent...whatever makes up your family is not more or no less important than the next.

It's how we build our families that is important. Not in a how many kids we add to the family sense. But rather, how we build our families. What kind of foundation we build our family on. What type of siding we use. And how strong the roof is. The experiences we have together, both good and bad, help shape character, build trust in one another and encourage learning and growth. Spending quality time together, offering learning opportunities, and simply listening to one another can exude love.

Let's explore Building a Family together. Let's take a look at the foundation we lay, the siding we use, and the experiences we can nurture. If anyone is interested in being a guest-writer, let me know! 

From our family to yours,

What are you doing as a family this weekend? 


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